Parents who have gone through the study series
have responded with enthusiasm ...

" My husband and I both wish we had this opportunity long ago."
       --Randy and Cathy, parents of two teens

"I would benefit from hearing it again or having my children attend a seminar for kids."
      --Paula, mother of a teenage boy and pre-teen twins

"I only wish that someone had taught my husband and me these things. You have given us the tools to educate our daughter. I thank God that he has brought us this knowledge through you."
      --Henry and Marcia, parents of a teen daughter

"For many years I have lived with guilt and shame regarding my dating relationships and activities prior to marrying. I went into marriage with feelings of regret that I had not 'saved myself' for the mate God had planned for me. .... I have always wished my parents would have explained to me clearly what their standards were and what God's standards were. I wish they would have helped me set my own boundaries.
     I realized that one day I would eventually have to talk to my children. How could I tell them of my past - my shortcomings - my sin? I know we all have some baggage, but I have never gotten past the guilt and been able to even truly enjoy sex with my mate. However, God has been working on me through this study on Created For Purity. Not only have I learned how to teach my children about purity, but it has also brought healing and restoration to my soul. I now have more confidence in who I am in Christ - even with my imperfect past, and I now no longer have those same negative emotions associated with intimacy with my spouse. I have finally accepted forgiveness for my sins and can truly enjoy physical intimacy with my spouse without guilt, shame, or feeling 'dirty.'
     Our God is awesome. I know His timing is perfect in leading you to bring this study to our group. Thank you for being obedient to what He has called you to do and to Josh Bullard for allowing God to use him in preparing Created For Purity. As a result, I have come to a place of cleansing and to a new beginning. May He richly bless you both and your families."
      --A letter written by an anonymous Sunday School class member to the teacher of the class, Aaron