"Parents of Teens: Problem or Solution?"

by Albert Mohler
CrossWalk.com weblog
September 17, 2004

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  Writing in USA Today, Laura Berman recently issued a call for children, especially teenagers, to receive "effective sex education." Berman, director of the Berman Center, a woman's sexual health facility in Chicago, clearly sees parents as the problem in the delivery of what she conceives as "effective" sex education.

Adolescent culture is "laced with sexuality," Berman instructs. As she explains:
"Teenage girls run around in halter tops and miniskirts with the words 'juicy' on their
behinds. Oral-sex parties have replaced Spin the Bottle in some circles, with kids believing in the Clintonian truism that 'oral sex is not sex.' And then there is the teen subculture of instant messaging in which sexual innuendo and invitations fly back and forth."