There is a sexuality crisis and it cannot be ignored

The sexuality crisis facing children and teens in the twenty-first century has been widely reported throughout the mainstream media.

The links at right are excerpts taken from some recent reports.


"Teens risking more 'friend with benefits' encounters" (excerpts)
The Boston Globe, December 30, 2004, republished at
"Not long ago, if a teen was in a longstanding relationship it was reason to worry. It meant they probably were having sex. These day, it's more likely they're not in a relationship and having sex anyway..."

"Sex on TV has effect" (excerpts)
from the Daily Oklahoman, September 13, 2004
"Children who watched a lot of TV with sexual content were about twice as likely to start having intercourse during the subsequent year..."

"Parents of Teens: Problem or Solution?" (excerpts) weblog, September 17, 2004
"Writing in USA Today, Laura Berman recently issued a call for children, especially teenagers, to receive "effective sex education." ...